Tenuate 75 mg is a weight loss drug that was created as an aid in weight loss programs for obese and overly obese people. The full name of this med is Tenuate Dospan, 75mg indicating the amount of the active substance, Diethylpropion Hydrochloride (knowns as Amfepramone in the UK), in each tablet. Obese UK patients, who were assessed as suitable candidates for the use of Tenuate diet pills can be prescribed

Tenuate Dospan 75 mg

taken in the mid-morning every day.

Tenuate 25mg

taken 60 minutes before each of three main meals during the day, every day.*

* it is allowed to take one Tenuate 25 mg pill in the mid-evening, if you need it to fight evening and night cravings.

You will be considered a suitable candidate for using Tenuate 75mg, if you are:

  1. obese or overly obese, according to the BMI chart
  2. 16 years old or older
  3. not sick with any diseases and don’t take any other meds and weight loss meds (including herbs)
  4. ready to strictly observe dieting and exercising recommendations
  5. capable of abandoning bad habits, like drinking alcohol, smoking
  6. willing to develop a reasonable attitude towards food and defeat your emotional overeating

In fact, Tenuate has a long list of precautions and contraindications, and it’s very important that every UK patient checks them before he begins taking this anorectic. If you have a history of alcohol or drug abuse, you should avoid Tenuate 75mg, since it can be addictive. Keep in mind that the use of monoamine oxidase inhibitors with Tenuate is a strict no-no. At least 2 weeks should pass between the administration of the two. If you have any severe cardiovascular diseases and/or suffer from high pressure, Tenuate diet pills should never become your choice.

If you question, whether you should take Tenuate 75 mg (Dospan) or Tenuate 25 mg, keep in mind that none of two is superior over the other in terms of effects produced. However, the first dosage form allows you to take just one pill during the day without the fear of forgetting the need to take it or the need of carefully planning your meals, so that you comply with the dosing schedule.

On the other hand, Tenuate 75mg does not allow you to adjust your daily dosage of Diethylpropion, since the amount of this ingredient is constant in the pills. Besides, you should not crush or split them to avoid interference with the release mechanism, which is modified in Tenuate Dospan:

Diethylpropion hydrochloride is combined with a hydrophilic matrix that was especially created to provide a controlled release of the active substance from the pill, in equal portions at equal time intervals.

Always follow your doctor’s recommendations on the daily dosage and Tenuate dosing regimen and stay informed about possible Tenuate side effects before and during the use of this slimming medication. Do not expect the anorectic to do all the job for you – engage in trainings and dieting to achieve a fast and sustainable weight loss.

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