Modern market of weight loss drugs can offer obese UK people a large variety of slimming pills, including Tenuate Dospan. Some of the weight loss drugs available resemble each other’s action, while others help lose weight through different mechanisms.

Tenuate Dospan diet pills contain Diethylpropion Hydrochloride (known in the Uk as Amfepramone), which is an appetite suppressing agent and helps people shed weight by inhibiting their hunger and increasing energy levels. However, it is a strong medication that can cause a bunch of side effects, which makes overweight patients search for Tenuate Dospan alternatives.

Tenuate and Phentermine

If you want to find a Tenuate Dospan alternative in the UK that would provide the same effects, you can focus your attention on Phentermine. Tenuate Dospan and Phentermine are both anorectics and CNS stimulants, which were developed as an aid to a comprehensive weight loss program that should include:



Abandoning bad habits

Increasing water intake

Even though both Phentermine and Tenuate Dospan are intended for a short-term use and tend to provide similar effects, they have proven to cause different response. Some people find Phentermine too strong and switch to Tenuate or Tenuate Dospan, while others prefer Phentermine for a stronger action and milder cardiovascular side effects.

Tenuate and Sibutramine

If it happens so that both Tenuate Dospan and Phentermine cause severe side effects, your doctor may recommend you to try Sibutramine as an alternative to Tenuate Dospan in the UK. This appetite suppressant can not be characterized as mild or causing less side effects, though it may happen so that your body will show a better response namely to this appetite suppressant.

Tenuate Dospan, Sibutramine and Phentermine – all three are intended for a short-term anti-obesity treatment, based on serious changes in eating, training and lifestyle.

Tenuate and Orlistat

The only Tenuate Dospan alternative in the UK that differs both through the effects and the treatment course duration is Orlistat (you can use it as long as needed).

This weight loss drug does not provide any effects over the central nervous system and works mainly in the gastrointestinal tract.

If your concerns about Tenuate or Tenuate Dospan are namely systemic side effects, you can be recommended to try Orlistat, which helps people lose weight through eliminating part of fats consumed during the day in their unchanged state. In other words, it does not let your body absorb part of fats that you consume, thus reducing your daily caloric value and helping you lose weight.

Unfortunately, this weight loss med can cause side effects, as well, so you should consult a physician or pharmacist before using it.

No matter which weight loss drug you choose, Tenuate Dospan or any of the mentioned Tenuate alternatives in the UK, don’t expect the pills to melt fats in your body in a snap. Hard work and compliance with dieting recommendations are the key to a successful and fast weight loss with any slimming medication.

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