Tenuate Dospan diet pills can help you lose more weight than you would lose through dieting and exercising only.

Still, you need to keep in mind that the use of this anorectic does not mean that you can forget about increasing your physical activity and limiting your menu to a healthy and balanced one, with a restricted amount of calories consumed daily.

While these are the main rules for a healthy and sustainable weight loss, it is important to understand that some bad habits can seriously hinder your progress and inhibit the beneficial effects of the slimming pills.

Tenuate 25mg and Tenuate Dospan 75mg are not an exception, and their proper use requires abandoning alcohol. There are two reasons for doing so, if you use this weight loss drug:

Side effects

Administration of Diethylpropion-containing drugs (Tenuate, Tenuate Dospan, etc.) with alcohol increases the risk of severe cardiovascular adverse reactions, like palpitations, pain in the chest and increase in blood pressure levels.

In addition, alcohol with Tenuate Dospan (in the UK known as Amfepramone) can aggravate CNS side effects and make you feel depressed, drowsy and dizzy.

No weight loss or weight gain

Alcohol alters the ability of your liver and pancreas to provide an adequate sugar processing, thus leading to sugar sharp changes in blood sugar level, which leads to weight gain. On top of that, alcohol makes your body retain water and breaks all barriers to excessive food consumption.

Thus, all your 5-day slimming efforts can go to nil during an alcohol-rich weekend.

If your goal for using Tenuate Dospan diet pills is to lose weight and become healthier, you will have to avoid concomitant use of Tenuate Dospan and alcohol to ensure your own safety and higher weight loss results. Keep in mind, CNS stimulants should never be mixed with large doses of alcohol, since these two provide a radically different action over your nervous system and can lead to an unexpected body response.

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