Every obese UK person, who is prescribed Tenuate Dospan diet pills, wants to know what to expect from this weight loss med, and especially what are possible Tenuate Dospan results. Unfortunately, there is no answer that suits each and every Tenuate Dospan user, since each body responds to this drug in a different way.

Even though the results vary greatly, it was discovered during Tenuate Dospan trials and found out from the UK Tenuate Dospan reviews that the weight loss results are higher within the first week and become lower with each following week of the course.

The lowest result that you should see on your scales is a loss of 2 kilos within a 30-day period of Tenuate Dospan use. If you did not manage to achieve this result or the minimum weight loss, required by your doctor, there is no use for you to keep taking Tenuate Dospan. You should stop this drug and discuss the possibility of using alternative weight loss methods.

If you see that your weight loss goes slowly or wish to boost the weight loss rate, it is strongly advised to take Tenuate Dospan along with:

Proper dieting

Higher physical activity

Abandoning alcohol

Avoiding emotional eating

You can ask your physician to help you develop a comprehensive eating schedule and provide you with the list of foods allowed, which will help you get higher weight loss results, or you can search for a healthy weight loss diet on the Internet and choose the option that suits your preferences, lifestyle and financial abilities. Without changing your eating habits, you will get very low to zero weight loss results with Tenuate.

By increasing your activity while on Tenuate Dospan diet pills, you help your body grow muscles, thus helping it burn more calories even at rest. In addition, it will be easier for you to create the calorie deficit, if you spend a couple hundreds of them for exercising, rather than starving yourself.

Abandoning alcohol is a mandatory condition for the use of any CNS stimulating medications, and Tenuate Dospan diet pills are not an exception. Besides, alcohol hinders weight loss and triggers excessive appetite and uncontrollable cravings. If you want to achieve high Tenuate Dospan results and lose as much weight, as possible, do your best to stop consuming alcohol-containing drinks or at least minimize their amounts.

Since both Tenuate 25 mg and Tenuate Dospan 75 mg are intended to help UK people lose weight through appetite suppression, and they do cope with this task, it is up to you to fight the habit of eating when you feel no hunger.

Among other causes, emotional eating can be caused by:

  • Stress,
  • Boredom,
  • Sadness,
  • Anxiousness,
  • Feeling of loneliness.

Tenuate Dospan diet pills will cut your hunger, yet you are the one who can stop yourself from eating while not being hungry.

Since weight loss results on Tenuate Dospan depend on an extremely long list of factors that influence your progress, it is impossible to predict how much kilos you will lose within any certain period. Still, if you comply with the recommendations for the use of Tenuate Dospan and follow other slimming enhancing tips, you will achieve a stable weight loss.

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