If your doctor advised you to take Tenuate or Tenuate Dospan, side effects are an important part of your short-term anti-obesity therapy, which should comprise dieting, exercising and making lifestyle changes.

In addition, keep in mind that you are about to begin using a very potent medication, which requires careful attention to your well-being, since its use may cause side effects, both mild and severe.

After passing a thorough examination of your health stats and checking your blood pressure and heart rate, doctor should ask you about any diseases, both physical and mental, which you have in the moment or had in the past.

It is important to mention everything and not to forget mentioning the medications that you take on a constant basis or occasionally, even if these are plant-based meds. Tenuate interaction with certain drugs can cause severe adverse reactions.


Possible Tenuate side effects



Hypertensive crises

Avoid concomitant use. 2 weeks should pass between the use of MAOIs and Tenuate.

Other anorectics

Increased risk of pulmonary hypertension

Avoid concomitant use. Do not combine (even if herbal), unless your doctor advises otherwise.

Antidiabetic drugs

Tenuate can alter the effects of such meds

Ask your doctor to adjust the dose of antidiabetic drugs to stay on the safe side



Avoid concomitant use. Follow doctor’s advice


Lower anorectic effects

Avoid concomitant use. Follow doctor’s advice

In addition to drug-drug interactions, Tenuate Dospan can cause an unfavorable response from various body systems. Thus, the UK people on Tenuate Dospan should keep in mind the list of its side effects or refer to it every time that they suspect of suffering from an unfavorable reaction.

Body system

Possible Tenuate side effects


Allergic skin reactions, skin inflammations.

Central nervous

Psychosis, movement and vision disturbances, tantrum, sleeplessness, euphoric or depressed state, apathy, headaches, stroke, etc


Nausea and vomiting, constipation/diarrhea, stomach ache, dry mouth, etc.


Abnormal heart rhythm and ECG results, blood pressure rise, pain in the chest.


Erectile dysfunction, altered sex drive, enlarged breasts in men, irregular periods.


Myelosuppression, granulopenia.

The above table does not include a full list of Tenuate Dospan side effects. Besides, your body can give a completely unpredictable response to this anorectic, so it is important to always stay alert and track the changes in your general physical and mental state. In addition, every UK Tenuate Dospan user should stick to the dosing schedule and prescribed treatment duration to avoid overdose and dependence, and reach his weight loss goals in a good health.

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